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Manjit Johal


 A tech cofounder specialising in Big Data, Machine Learning and building effective teams


I got my first computer when I was 12. I remember feeling disappointed at first…. because I was hoping for a Super Nintendo… (Thanks, Dad!)

But I gradually changed my mind… I was struck by the limitless potential that this boring beige box represented. Since then I’ve seen first hand how technology can change lives and empower businesses, But on the flip side, I’ve also learned about how hard it can be to build and deliver such solutions.

I’ve done work a lot of work in Retail, Advertising, Telecoms, Logistics and Finance where technology has had a massive transformative effect. I’ve also started technology-based companies that leverage the latest innovations to gain an edge over their competitors. 

I believe we are now in the data revolution, businesses are facing a torrent of data coming in from a wide range of sources. Every business needs to know how to harness this data and use it effectively. This will be the difference between success and failure for a lot of businesses.

My Services



Do you have a new project that you’re starting or an existing project that’s running into challenges? I can 

  • Provide architectural and overall guidance.
  • Help with hiring and structuring teams.
  • Investigate and identify underlying issues and how to fix them

Data and Analytics Strategy

Are you making the most of all your data? Most companies are struggling to uncover the nuggets of gold hidden in their data.

Are you overwhelmed with lots of information but very little insight?

I have come across this problem many times and can help strike oil from your data reserves.


New Product/Initiative Guidance

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time, effort and money building something that no one uses.

I have launched a number of products in the past for both small and large companies. I can help you navigate the treacherous waters and get you the best results.

Data Integration

With the massive growth in data that is being generated within organisations, there is a big challenge in piecing it all together.

Especially when the sources are old and on-premise and the new ones are in the cloud.

Technical Leadership

It can be hard for organisations to adopt technologies and best practices and for them to spread throughout.

I have done this a number of times while also providing expertise on the latest open source tools and systems


Creativity and innovation

Look outside the box for new innovative solutions to existing problems. Reviewing bleeding edge technologies, models from other industries, finding new solutions and putting a plan together on how to incorporate them.

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